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COVID-19 Pivoting Required

In these unprecedented times, employers are rolling out several strategies to help employees and customers feel comfortable in their space. As hand sanitizer starts to become scare, many have been seeking alternate solutions. A local brewery in the Hampton Roads area has recently re-purposed some of their supplies to actually create a spray hand sanitizer. Local grocery store have erected glass partitions between customers and cashiers. Others have provided their representatives with face shields. X marks the spot. Larger retail stores and convenience stores alike have placed tape markers on the floors to ensure social distancing is taking place. One of the biggest keys to minimizing the spread of the Coronavirus is cleaning and sanitizing of hands. What many people don't focus as heavily on is cleaning and disinfecting their environments. Take the time today to wipe down areas in your business or homes using CDC recommended solutions. This virus is spreading fast and we each need to do our part.